We’re dpt.coffee and if you’re here you may be asking, what’s dpt.coffee all about?

Well, in 2017 we invented a coffee production method so decided, heck, let’s see if we can sell some. So we did, and decided to open a little booth inside our local farmer’s market. Four years later, lots of accolades, cool opportunities, an apparel and bottle line amongst the others in between, we now service customers all over Florida and produce from our very own brewing facility in Hallandale Beach, Fl. Hooray!

Business-aside, and truly; we wanted to dig a little deeper, just so we can share a little more about, well us! :) .. At our core we’re about treating coffee, her contemporaries and history, with a sense of legacy.  There’s something interesting about coffee’s legacy, that if you look closely, is all around. Coffee provides us with an open forum that’s non-judgmental.  

Here's an example - check out this old coffee shop quote. (It’s long, but we think worth the read.)

“The Rules and Orders of the Coffee House.”Enter, Sirs, freely, but first, if you please, Peruse our civil orders, which are these. First, gentry, tradesmen, all are welcome hither, And may without affront sit down together: Pre-eminence of place none here should mind,But take the next fit seat that he can find: Nor need any, if finer persons come, Rise up to assigne to them his room; To limit men's experience, we think not fair, But let him forfeit twelve-pence that shall swear; He that shall any quarrel here begin, Shall give each man a dish t' atone the sin; And so shall he, whose compliments extend So far to drink in coffee to his friend; … 1665 ... Excerpt from William H Ukers, All About Coffee, 1922

Notice the date - that’s like, ages ago and basically the beginning and end of our about story. We work tirelessly to continue this legacy and start every project with an open forum that's non-judgmental. That’s why, whether it be retail, events, wholesale or office friends and family, our hope will always be that you simply; enjoy!